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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Fallen Angel; for the Knight House, see House Cadmus.

Cadmus was commander of the Hyades PDF at the time when Ragnar Blackmane arrived to tour the facilities. Ragnar was impressed with his professionalism and military know how. However Cadmus harboured a dark secret, he was in fact one of the Fallen Angels, and were this not bad enough he was also in league with the Thousand Sons and the sorcerer Madox.

As it was, Cadmus was already being tracked by Captain Jeremiah Gieyus of the Dark Angels and a kill team from the elite Deathwing. This kill team got into a confrontation with Ragnar Blackmane and his Wolfblade Battle-brothers. These two forces eventually put aside their differences and went after Cadmus.

Eventually the Dark Angels and Space Wolves tracked down the traitor, but not before he had caused their respective chapters into open warfare with one another. Together they defeated him, but Ragnar Blackmane withdrew out of new-found respect for the Dark Angels and allowed them to conduct the business of their chapter in private, Jeremiah then killed Cadmus. Ragnar and Jeremiah were then instrumental in ceasing the hostilities between their chapters.