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Collegiate Extremis

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The Collegiate Extremis is a powerful Adeptus Mechanicus organization, that ensures Forge Worlds obey [1a] the laws of the Lore Mechanicus.[1b]


In function, they are similar to the Adeptus Arbites, who enforce the Lex Imperialis[1a]. However their duties cross over more into the realm of the Mechaniucs' day-to-day, than the Arbites are in the Imperium's. This leads the Collegiate to be more likely involved in criminal investigations, that the Arbites would consider to be beneath their notice. The Collegiate's higher ranks are concerned with great crimes against the Lore, while the lower ranked Procurators are assigned to a single world. This also includes Imperial worlds, which only contain Mechanicus enclaves[1c]. In such instances, these Procurators could also serve as liaisons between the Mechanicus' Astynomia Enforcers and non-Mechanicus organizations[1a]. The Collegiate Extremis' duties can lead to conflict with the Astynomia, though, and there are long-standing suspicions between the two organizations[1c]. However, the Collegiate does recruit members of the Astynomia, who have excelled within its ranks.[1d]

Known Members