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Conquest Class Star Galleon

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Conquest Class Star Galleon[1]

The Conquest Class Star Galleon is an ancient Cruiser design still used in older fleets of the Imperial Navy as well as some Rogue Traders. They are thought to be treasure ships from the very first Rogue Traders on the orders of the Emperor himself. Ships still in service have technical wonders that have since become a lost art of the Imperium, capable of conducting both long-range exploration missions and having enough combat capacity to carve apart renegade empires. By the 41st Millennium, few of these ships remain in service and are seen as precious relics from the legendary founding time of the Imperium. Remaining Conquest Star Galleons are mostly used by Rogue Traders, as Imperial Navy officers tend to view them as under-gunned for their size and fragile. This opinion however misses the obvious fact that it is an armed freighter, not a warship.[1]

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.1km long, 0.7km from abeam at fins[1]
  • Mass: 30 Megatonnes[1]
  • Crew: 65,000[1]
  • Acceleration: 2.1 gravitis max sustainable acceleration.[1]