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Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus

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Battlefleet Koronus
Released 2011
Pages 144
ISBN ISBN 9781616610715

Battlefleet Koronus is sourcebook and rules expansion for the core Rogue Trader rulebook for the Rogue Trader Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game. Battlefleet Koronus is the seventh book release in the series by Fantasy Flight Games.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter I - The Weapons of War
  • Chapter II - The Imperium's Shield
  • Chapter III - Enemies of Humanity
  • Chapter IV - Rules of War


  • Lead Developer
Sam Stewart
  • Written and Developed By
Andy Chambers, Robert Dempsey, Nathan Dowdell, John Dunn, Tim Hucklebery, Jason Marker, Mike Surbrook, and Ross Watson
  • Editing
Alex Davy
  • Proofreading
Mark Pollard
  • Graphic Design
Dallas Mchihoff
  • Cover Art
Matt Bradbury
  • Interior Art
A. Ashbaugh, Alex Boyd, Matt Bradbury, Martin Buck, Mauro dal Bo, Ioan Dumi, Wayne England, Zachary Graves, David Griffith, Ralph Horsely, Nuala Kennedy, Anton Kokarev, Marc Lee, David Nash, David Sondered, Fredrik Dahl Tyskerud, and Ben Zweifel
  • Art Direction
Zoe Robinson
  • Art Administration
Kyle Hough
  • Production Manager
Eric Knight
  • FFG Lead Game Designer
Corey Konieczka
  • FFG Lead Game Producer
Michael Hurley
  • Publisher
Christian T. Petersen

Publication Details

  • ISBN ISBN 9781616610715