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Death Shadows

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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Death Shadows -
Leader: Malafor
Homeworld: Sybari[2]
Chaos dedication: Unknown
Colours: Dark blue and black
Specialty: Sabotage, Terror Tactics
Death Shadows miniature.jpg

The Death Shadows were a Chaos Space Marine warband specialised in sabotage and terror tactics.[1]


The Death Shadows were originally a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter known as the Lionguard and were among the thirty Chapters corrupted during the Abyssal Crusade.[3]

After a disastrous war against Ultramar, the Death Shadows withdrew to their secret stronghold on the Fortress World of Sybari. In 745.M41, while they were planning a strike against Macragge, tendrils of Hive Fleet Behemoth rampaged into Sybari[2] and devoured it, annihilating the warband to the last man.[5]

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