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Deathwatch: Bad Blood (Short Story)

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Deathwatch: Bad Blood
Cover art
Author Steve Lyons
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Deathwatch: One Bullet
Followed by Deathwatch: The Flesh of the Angel
Released 2015
Collected in Deathwatch: Ignition
Editions August 2015 e-short
ISBN 9781782517047

Deathwatch: Bad Blood is a short story by Steve Lyons. It was published online in August 2015.

Cover Description

The Deathwatch strike cruiser Incontrovertible Truth, en route to Watch Fortress Erioch, carries many kill-teams to their next mission postings - among their number is Antor Delassio, the 'cursed young prince' of the Blood Angels. Without warning, the ship comes under attack by Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion, and it falls to Delassio and his battle-brothers to repel the boarders. But his exemplary record in battle and his righteous hatred of the xenos is marred by the secret shame he carries with him, the curse of his Chapter's bloodline...[1]

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