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Dozer blade

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The Dozer Blade is a vehicle upgrade used by Imperial and Chaos Space Marine armies. It is a common term that refers to a family of frontal hull attachments used by many vehicles throughout the Imperium. Most take the form or a large slab of heavy plasteel mounted atop heavy hydraulic shock absorbers, although some are more rigid “ram bars” and others feature spikes, blades and other dangerous additions. They enable the vehicle to move more safely through difficult terrain by pushing aside anything which could snag on the tracks. Ostensibly designed to clear rubble and push wrecked vehicles, vehicle crews tend to use them as improvised weapons. They are cheap and are a common sight throughout the Imperium. Ostensibly designed to clear rubble and push wrecked vehicles, and provide additional armour to the front of the vehicle, some crews prefer to use them as improvised weapons.[2][3][4][5][6]

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Conflicting sources

Early sources list the Imperial Guard variant as a Rough Terrain Modification instead of Dozer Blade. These two ugrades have since been split into separate categories and recent Astra Militarum Codex's now explicitly refer to the Dozer Blade.[1][5][6]