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Fane (Leagues of Votann)

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Fanes are devices used by the Grimnyr of the Leagues of Votann to interface with Ancestor Cores.[1]

Every Hold has a Fane, which is a timeless device located in a space of quiet contemplation. At the heart of this device is a tangle of machinery that is part altar, part interface. It is said that once, these machines were simply nodes through which the wisdom of the Ancestor Cores moved from one voidcraft to another. While they still fulfill this practical purpose, they have subsequently taken on great cultural meaning. They are now viewed as places where one stands in full regard of the Ancestors, and in their presence all Kin maintain a sombre and heavy manner.[1]

Through means that are not understood even to the Kin, there have been instances where Fanes have developed artificial intelligences in their own right, and join the ranks of the Votann themselves. These techno-miracles are cause for great honor and celebration amongst the Kindred in whose Hold they occur.[1]

Conversely, more than one Ancestor Core has degenerated to the point of becoming little more than a Fane themselves. This is viewed as a great calamity by the Kin.[1]