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Flame of Purity

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The Flame of Purity was an Overlord Class Battle Cruiser[1], that was commanded by the Imperial Navy Captain Abridal and took part in the Gothic War. The Flame of Purity would go on and fight in the final battle of the War, when the Imperium and their Eldar allies fell upon Abaddon's forces as they moved to attack a Blackstone Fortress in the Shindlegeist System. Caught by surprise, Abaddon's forces suffered greatly until the Despoiler ordered the three Blackstones under his command to fire upon the system's star to make it go supernova. Captain Abridal realized what Abaddon planned to do though and flew the Flame of Purity into the path of the Blackstones, where it managed to disrupt their powerful beams, though the Battle Cruiser was destroyed in the process. The sacrifice of the Flame of Purity and its crew, however, saved the System's star and left Abaddon no choice but to flee back into the Eye of Terror.[2]