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Flash-Indoctrination was an Imperial Hypno-Indoctrination process, that saw the living devour the brains of the recently dead, in order to gain their memories.[1]


Doing so was akin to desecration to many and during the Great Crusade, its usage was heavily restricted by the Imperium. Only the Emperor's edict could officially allow Flash-Indoctrination to occur and it is recorded that the Officio Assassinorum were solely given the right to do so. The process was dangerous, however, as for Flash-Indoctrination to work, the memories of the dead had to mold into the mind of the person who ate the brain. This could then cause them to lose their identity and become a simulacrum of the deceased.[1]

However during the Horus Heresy, these restrictions were tossed aside by some Loyalist and Traitor Legions, as they sought to use Flash-Indoctrination as a quick way to impart combat experience to their new Legionaries. The process became infamously used by the Inductii of the World Eaters, along with elements of the Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers, as well. Flash-Indoctrination would ultimately become a highly effective, yet limited tool for the Legions, due to its unpredictable results. As while it could create a Legionary of great calibre, it was more likely to make an Inductii become a warrior of narrow mindset and unstable temperament. Though to commanders who did not care about these drawbacks or for their Inductii, the risks of using Flash-Indoctrination were negligible.[1]