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Gehenna Campaign

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The Gehenna Campaign was a battle fought in 955.M41 between the Blood Angels Chapter and the Necrons on the Imperial world of Gehenna.[1]


Commander Dante and the 3rd Company of the Blood Angels did battle against the Necron Legions of the Silent King amidst the dusty wastes of Gehenna. For three weeks, neither side could seize the upper hand, with Dante's tactical brilliance stretched to its limits in countering the space-time manipulations of the Silent King. The stalemate was broken only when a Tyranid splinter fleet entered orbit, forcing the two armies to break off hostilities and fight against a common foe. The impromptu alliance defeated the Tyranids in the end and, after the battle, Dante and the Silent King went their separate ways, both too exhausted from the battle against the Tyranids to continue their war and at least for Commander Dante, the distasteful idea of turning on those who they had recently fought alongside.[1]