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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Original Squat Hearthguard; for the Leagues of Votann Hearthguard, see Einhyr Hearthguard.
Squat Hearthguard in Exo Armour

Hearthguard were elite bodyguards and warriors under the personal command of Squat Warlords. These warrior elite were drawn from the Lord's most loyal retainers, who formed an aristocratic class in Squat Strongholds. Of high status, Hearthguard were lavishly decorated in ornaments, diamonds, and gold jewelry. Furthering their wealth, it was traditional for a Squat Warlord to present a Hearthguard with a gift in recognition for their loyalty, usually specially crafted by the Lord himself. Because of their richly decorated equipment and trophies, Hearthguards were very individual in their appearance and did not usually wear any kind of standardized uniforms.[1]


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