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Kariasche is a Dark Eldar Succubus. Kariasche was a character much discussed in the subterranean society of the Haemonculi. She alone amongst the Hekatarii queens had never sought out the Covens in order to procure augmentative salves or beautifying elixirs. Kariasche instead wore her many disfiguring scars with pride. This made her tremendously unpopular amongst the elitist echelons of the Wyches – and especially with Yctria, who took the battlescarred Succubus’ appearance as a personal affront. As a result, Yctria killed Kariasche after her duel with an Imperial Knight.[1]

However Kariasche was saved by the Haemonculus Croniarch Sekh, who regenerated her while also mutating her killer into a monstrous horror after the Battle of Refusal.[1]