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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the nobles of Knight Houses; for the Aeldari Corsairs, see Corsair Baron.

Barons and Baronesses are high-ranking members of a Knight House's nobility.[1a][1b]


The exact place Barons occupy in a House's hierarchy vary from House to House and world to world; if a Knight World hosts multiple Houses, then a Baron might rule each House.[1a] If, however, a single "Great House" dominates its entire world, then the Barons will typically form a caste inbetween the House's Monarch and the Knights ordinary, the latter of whom serve as vassals to their Barons.[1a][1b]

Assuming that a Baron does not rule their House entire, they might hold dominion over a particular region or place of interest on their House's world. Alternatively they might hold a specific title or position within their House, possibly in their Monarch's Exalted Court.[1a][1b]

Variant Titles

Many Knight Worlds use alternate titles to denote their nobility. These include: