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High Monarch

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the ruler of a Knight House; for the operators of Imperial Titans, see Princeps.

A High Monarch is the leader of a Knight House.[1a][4]


In their capacity as ruler of their Knightly House, a High King (or High Queen) has the ultimate responsibility in deciding which foes to fight and which wars to wage. Beyond that, they are also responsible for the defence of their realm, whether that is an entire Knight World or merely their demesne on such a planet.[1a]

A High King rules their Knight House, with a number of Barons swearing fealty to them. The highest of these Barons collectively form a body known as the High King's Exalted Court.[1a][1b]

Variant Titles

Many Knight Worlds use alternate titles to denote their ruler.[3a] In particular, if a Knight House is sworn to the Adeptus Mechanicus, rather than being oathed to the Imperium as a whole, then the High King is usually styled as a Princeps.[1b]

Known Variant Titles

Notable High Kings

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