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Malediction (Audio Book)

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Cover art by Cheol Joo Lee
Author C.Z. Dunn
Performer Seán Barrett (narrator); Rupert Degas, Saul Reichlin (performers)
Publisher Black Library
Series Dark Angels
Released August 2012
Collected in The Book of the Lion (Anthology)
Editions 2012 audio CD
ISBN 9781849702270

Malediction is a Black Library audio drama by C.Z. Dunn. It was published in August 2012. The script was published in print in The Book of the Lion (Anthology) in 2013.

Cover Description[1]

A great hero of the Imperial Guard recounts his tales of bravery and glory fighting alongside the Space Marines of the Dark Angels Chapter, but all might not be as it first seems...


On the world of Amadis, veteran Imperial Guard officer Regan Antigone is being honoured for his role in the planet’s liberation from the forces of Chaos, some twenty-five years earlier. But when his old comrade, Master Tigraine of the Dark Angels Chapter, arrives to join the festivities and asks to hear the glorious tale told once more, Antigone falters. With the details of his account cast under close scrutiny and with the judgement of the Imperium hanging over him, will his noble reputation remain intact?

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