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Masters of Shadow (Novel)

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Masters of Shadow
Author Thomas Parrott
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Conquests
Preceded by Fist of the Imperium (Novel)
Released Unreleased
Pages 400

Masters of Shadow was a novel in the Space Marine Conquests series.


Conquered by the vile forces of the Word Bearers, the cemetery world of Perdition is dying. Its inhabitants expire while toiling in cruel mines, forced to desecrate holy relics of the Imperium. To save these souls, the Vanguard Marines of the Raven Guard, masters of shadow, begin a guerrilla war against the heretics. But the taint of Chaos runs deep, and Primaris Lieutenant Turan Raakis must rally the downtrodden mortals to lead a rebellion worthy of his primarch, Corvus Corax, if he is to free humanity from Perdition.


As of 2023, Thomar Parrott is no longer with Black Library, leaving the novel unreleased.