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A Necrodermis is the mechanical body of Living Metal that houses the essence of the Necrons[2]. It can also be used in the blades of melee weapons and as material to build structures with.[3]

Necrodermis is also used to contain the compressed essence of a C'tan when it manifests, thus allowing it to perceive the material world. Each Necrodermis is made of the living metal originally developed by the ancient and long dead Necrontyr for use in their starships. The shape of a Necrodermis can be modified at will by its C'tan inhabitant, leading to vast differences between the bodies of each Star God. This also allows the spontaneous formation of cutting and slashing weapons as required. Necrons such as Trazyn have also been shown to have a high degree of manipulation over Necrodermis.[2]

If the Necrodermis is breached, the essence of the C'tan is released, accompanied by an explosion of some form, which can damage nearby units. This is but a minor setback for the C'tan however, as a new Necrodermis can be reforged and the C'tan can cross the incorporeal starlight bridge back to the material realm once again.

Structures made from Necrodermis, can have any damage they suffer repaired by Canoptek Maintenance constructs.[3]