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Rogue Star (Novel)

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Rogue Star
Cover ilustration by Clint Langley
Author Andy Hoare
Publisher Black Library
Series Rogue Trader
Followed by Star of Damocles
Released 2006
Pages 254
Editions ISBN 1-84416-375-X

Cover Description

Lucian Gerrit is a rogue trader — a starship captain granted ancient trading rights along the Eastern Fringe of Imperial space. But his family's fortunes have been steadily declining for many generations and his inheritance amounts to little more than a pile of debt and misery. In a final desperate gamble to restore his family’s former glory, Gerrit strikes a deal on a forgotten Imperial world to aid its commander in a long-standing war with his rival. As Gerrit commits his family’s assets to the escalating conflict, he may lose more than his livelihood!

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