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The Scourged

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The Scourged are a Chaos Space Marine warband that follow the Chaos God Tzeentch. Blessed by Tzeentch, the Scourged are said to hear every lie spoken by man. Though this gives them unparalleled knowledge, it eventually drives them all mad with the constant voices in their heads.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- The Scourged -
Chaos dedication: Tzeentch
Colours: Blue and dark red with gold trim
Strength: Unknown


Originally a Space Marine Chapter working for the Inquisition known as the Seekers of Truth, the Seekers and their Chapter Master, Gallus Herodicus, were being drained of their morale through excessive orders by the Inquisition to murder innocents. Herodicus would pray each night to gain the power to know when a man was lying so that he may only kill the guilty. However, Tzeentch was listening and granted his prayer. From that moment on, Herodicus and his men could hear every lie spoken by mankind. The Chapter went rogue within days from the insanity when they realized how many falsehoods existed in the Imperium they were serving.[2]

Since going rogue, the chapters battlecry has become "The lies, the lies, the lies..."[2]

Tzeentch has also gifted the Scourged with a measure of foresight, allowing them to read their enemies' signals and know exactly where they will strike. They can also voice out loud one of the many lies whispered to the Warband, which stops their enemies' in their tracks and allows the Scourged to take advantage of their hesitation.[4]

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