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Sirae Karagon

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Sirae Karagon

Sirae Karagon is a Red Scorpions Ancient-Invigilus and, since the internment of Carab Culln into the shell of a Leviathan Dreadnought, he has become one of the two de facto Chapter Masters of the Chapter alongside Casan Sabius.[1]


While serving as the Chapter's Ancient, Karagon defeated a Genestealer Patriarch while the Chapter cleansed a Genestealer Cult on the Imperium Hive World Lamarno VII. For this feat, he was honoured by Lord High Commander Culln with carrying the Chapter's relic Vexilla Imperialis Battle Standard into battle. When Culln later fell against the Hive Fleet Kraken beast known as the Great Beast of Sarum, Karagon was raised to a rarely invoked position amongst his Chapter; that of Ancient-Invigilus, who serves as a guardian of the purity for the Red Scorpions. This rank, in the style of a naysmith of Old Terra, brings with it the authority to scrutinise the commands of the Chapter's current Lord-Regent Casan Sabius, but also to privately hold Sabius' confidence and ensure he retains his humility in his position of power. This is reflected in the Chapter's battles, as Karagon is a grim-faced and pragmatic warrior who perfectly balances Sabius' zeal and fury.[2]