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Solomon Abbadon

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2drones.gif This article is about the Renegade Tech Priest; for the Chaos Space Marine, see Ezekyle Abaddon.

Solomon Abbadon was a Tech-priest of the Mechanicum during the Horus Heresy.

During the heresy battles between the loyalists and the rebels broke out on Mars. At this the rebels were led by the tech-priest Solomon Abbadon, who operated out of his fortress Jericho. This fort was protected by an ancient Xenos-artefact, which was discovered during the Great Crusade originated possibly from the C'tan. It is a Vortex field generator which made it impossible for spaceships in the orbit to destroy the fort.

The walls of the fortress Jericho were half a mile thick and as high as the sky, the inner bastion was built by the firmest materials, so that all present weapons of the land forces did not suffice to destroy it.

Therefore Ordinatus Mars was built that destroyed the fort and the infamous Tower of Steel with its unique technique of sonic weapons. Thereupon the Skitarii captured the ruins and Solomon Abbadon was executed.