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Spoiler! This page contains spoilers for: Nightbringer (Novel)

[edit]The Awakening of the Nightbringer

The 4th Company of the Ultramarines, led by Captain Uriel Ventris, was sent to Pavonis as bodyguard to Ario Barzano, an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, traveling in disguise as an Administratum Adept. Barzano's ostensible mission was to restore order on Pavonis, which had failed to pay its Imperial tithes, due to political unrest, mysterious terrorist activities, and frequent raids by Dark Eldar pirates. In fact, he was investigating clues that the Night Bringer was hidden somewhere on Pavonis (which would make that planet a Tomb World). Eventually a civil war broke out between the various industrial cartels that controlled the planet. One of the ringleaders of the rebel faction, Kasimir De Valtos, had incited the war to hide the fact he was digging up the tomb of the Nightbringer with the help of the Dark Eldar. When the Ultramarines and the Inquisitor heard of the civil war they made best speed for Pavonis (they were investigating an Eldar raid on another planet in the system) and they rescued the Governor and investigated the cause, discovering the cartel's real plan. Barzano was going to initiate an Exterminatus, but Uriel convinced him to let the Ultramarines launch an attack on the mine where De Valtos's men were digging. Unfortunately the Nightbringer was awoken as they entered the tomb and before they could destroy the Nightbringer it escaped. During the battle Uriel's trusted friend and confidant, Sergeant Pasanius Lysane, had his right arm lopped off by the Nightbringer, which imbued him with a small measure of the regenerative powers of the living metal of which Necron bodies were composed.3

Ok, so essentially with the release of the new necron codex, the fluff has changed so that the necron overthrew the ctan/destroyed them, correct? so, the canonicity of any source/novel etc. should be called into question. I believe a separate distinct page for the old necron fluff/canon is in order, since it was canon before the new codex. viewers can then differentiate between old necron canon, and new necron canon.--Damadlibrarian

Learn to do signatures, yes a lot of the C'tan articles need to be rewritten.--Ashendant 22:44, 7 November 2011 (CET)
But no new pages. Keep in anything old that hasn't been retconned, anything that has, move to the end in its own section. These can also probably be simplified. Thanks.--Mob 22:07, 8 November 2011 (CET)


Whoever did the citations for this article was unaware that there is more than one Necrons Codex.--Proteus77 01:57, 26 May 2012 (CEST)

Yes i know, it left me seriously annoyed when it came to adding the 5th edition info(which i think it's properly cited), there are probably the same mistakes when it comes to the other C'tan articles.--Ashendant 04:30, 26 May 2012 (CEST)