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Good enough?

Quick Acess



  • BANELINGS Planetstrike
  • CELL-KIN Index Astartes IV
  • FORPARSI Ravenor Returned, page 5, also Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306
  • FF'ENG Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306
  • KATHAP probably somewhere in the "Dark Heresy" publications
  • MONTHROPODS Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306
  • OVERLORDS OF BARBARUS Index Astartes: Death Guard
  • SAROSH Descent of Angels
  • STROUSII Eisenhorn
  • VEKTATES Horus Heresy series: "Battle for the Abyss"
  • VARREY 0

RPG To-Do List

Dark Heresy

  • Edge of Darkness
  • Core Rulebook
  • Game Master Kit
  • Purge the Unclean
  • Inquisitor's Handbook
  • Disciples of the Dark Gods
  • Creatures Anathema
  • Tattered Fates: Haarlock Legacy I
  • Damned Cities: Haarlock Legacy II
  • Radical's Handbook
  • Ascension
  • Dead Stars: Haarlock Legacy III
  • The Blood of Martyrs
  • The Black Sepulchre
  • Daemon Hunter
  • The Church of the Damned
  • Book of Judgement
  • The Chaos Commandment

Rogue Trader

  • Core Rulebook
  • Game Master Kit
  • Lure of the Expanse
  • Into the Storm
  • Edge of the Abyss
  • The Frozen Reaches
  • Battlefleet Koronus
  • Citadel of Skulls
  • Fallen Suns
  • Hostile Acquisitions

Black Crusade

  • Broken Chains
  • Core Rulebook
  • Game Master Kit
  • Hand of Corruption


  • The Emperor Protects
  • Game Master Kit

The Achilus Assault

Rites of Battle

  • The Imperial Fists
    • Imperial Fists Primarch’s Curse
  • Vehicles
  • Erioch Inhabitants
  • Erioch Prisoners
  • Erioch Operations
  • Erioch beyond regions

First Founding

Mark of the Xenos

  • Ork Characters
  • Tau Characters
  • Chaos
    • Bloodthirster
    • Keeper of Secrets
    • Daemonette
    • Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers
    • Khorne Berzerkers
    • Noise Marines
    • Obliterators
    • Plague Marines
    • Possessed Chaos Space Marines

Core Rulebook



Name Type Notes Sources
The Scyphus Vitae Two-handed Power Sword (BLOOD DRINKERS)
Refuge in Defiance Combat Shield (BRAZEN CLAWS)
Lorgar's Bane Power Axe (BLACK CONSULS)
Scrimshaw Talismans [[]] (CARCHARADONS)
Radiant Arrow Plasma Gun (CONSECRATORS)
The Hand of Retribution Power Fist (CRIMSON FISTS)
Ork Bone Talismans [[]] (CRIMSON FISTS)
Shadow Mantle Scout Armour (DARK HUNTERS)
Shroud of Yrnax Back Banner (DOOM EAGLES)
Torch of the Vigil Heavy Flamer (DEATH SPECTRES)
Death of Steel Meltagun (DOOM LEGION)
The Lion's Mane Stasis Casket (DISCIPLES OF CALIBAN)
Pinions of Ascanius Armour Upgrade (EAGLE WARRIORS)
Silent Cry Stalker Boltgun (EXORCISTS)
Light of Castigation Flamer (FIRE ANGELS)
Descent into Flames Artificer Armour (FIRE LORDS)
The Everburning Brand Power Sword (FIRE HAWKS)
Memor Nihilis Two-handed Chainsword (FLESH TEARERS)
Grisly Trophies [[]] (FLESH TEARERS)
Record of Oblivion Data Tome (GUARDIANS OF THE COVENANT)
Tulius' Insight Codex Astartes Annotations (GENESIS CHAPTER)
Hawk Wings Jump Pack (HAWK LORDS)
Weight of Duty Power Maul (HAMMERS OF DORN)
The Lost Halo Iron Halo (HOWLING GRIFFONS)
Night World Battle Livery [[]] (HOWLING GRIFFONS)
Entropic Field Generator Force Field (IRON LORDS)
Gate Maker Combi-melta (INVADERS)
Eternal Vigilance Two-handed Sword (KNIGHTS OF BLOOD)
Sulla's Unkindness Signum Array (KNIGHTS OF THE RAVEN)
Victory's Price Power Spear (LAMENTERS)
Ran-Thawll's Gaze Auspex (MENTORS)
Unmaker's Touch Chain Fist (MINOTAURS)
Naval Boltgun Boltgun (MARINES ERRANT)
Linebreaker Shotgun (MARINES ERRANT)
Crusader Medallions [[]] (MARINES ERRANT)
Primarch's Edge Combat Knife (MORTIFACTORS)
Libris Anomalus Data-libram (NOVAMARINES)
Laurels of Ultramar [[]] (NOVAMARINES)
Orphean Key Technological Tool (PRAETORS OF ORPHEUS)
Diomedes' Grace Jump Pack (RAPTORS)
Marksman Combat Sight [[]] (RAPTORS)
Correction of Flesh Medical Tool (RED SCORPIONS)
Tears of the Scorpion Ancient Blade (RED SCORPIONS)
Icon of the Scorpion [[]] (RED SCORPIONS)
Candau's Doom Archaeotech Weapon (RELICTORS)
Argent Guide Divination Cards (SILVER SKULLS)
Fury Unrelenting Armour (STORM WARDENS)
Reliquary of Spite Preserved Limb (SONS OF MEDUSA)
Gauntlet of Sabatine Power Fist (WHITE CONSULS)