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Soul Drinkers (Novel Series)

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The Soul Drinker Series is a series of novels written by Ben Counter


The Soul Drinkers Chapter, driven to recover a priceless artifact of spiritual nature, is faced with a monumental choice as a ruthless Technomagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus tries to deny them their prize. A Daemon Prince tries to convert the Soul Drinkers to Chaos and the whole situation gets out of control as the whole Chapter reaches out for true freedom. But true freedom comes with deadly dangers and unavoidable consequences.


Soul Drinker

Main article: Soul Drinker (Novel)

The Soul Drinkers have served the Emperor loyally for thousands of years, but their obsessive desire to retrieve an ancient relic throws them into conflict with the Imperium...

The Bleeding Chalice

Long years have passed since the Soul Drinkers Space Marines were declared excommunicate traitoris and many Imperial agents have been despatched to destroy this once loyal Chapter...

Crimson Tears

Main article: Crimson Tears (Novel)

Once loyal warriors of the Imperium, the Soul Drinkers have been betrayed by those they once fought to protect and declared as heretics!

Chapter War

Main article: Chapter War (Novel)

Led by the heroic Sarpedon, the Soul Drinkers are desperate to restore themselves back into the good graces of the Imperium.


Main article: Hellforged (Novel)

The disgraced Soul Drinkers Chapter attempts to elude their pursuers in a desolate area of space, but soon find themselves fighting for their lives.


Main article: Phalanx (Novel)

The Soul Drinkers have been captured by the Imperial Fists, who intend to see them put on trial on the Phalanx, the Fists' vast space fortress. Inside, one of Iktinos’ faithful breaks under interrogation and reveals the location of a vault hidden under Selaaca.

An Imperial Fists squad opens up an ancient vault below the planet's surface. Inside the vault is Daenyathos, kept alive in his dreadnought body. He is brought back to the Phalanx to face trial with the rest of the Soul Drinkers.


Main article: Daenyathos (Novella)

Traitor by Deed


Soul Drinker (Cover ilustration by Adrian Smith).
The Bleeding Chalice (Cover ilustration by Adrian Smith)
Crimson Tears
The Soul Drinkers Omnibus
Soul Drinkers: Redemption
Chapter War
Soul Drinkers: Annihilation 2nd Omnibus
Traitor by Deed

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