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Titan (Graphic Novel Series)

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Titan is series of graphic novels which follows the career of Princeps Ervin Hekate, commander of the mighty Warlord Titan Imperius Dictatio. This series was written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning.

At the 2012 Black Library Weekender, C.Z. Dunn announced that the series would be released in ebook format in March 2013.


Titan is also the title of the first volume of this series. This volume was later re-published with a different cover. 1st edition: ISBN 1-84154-109-5, 2nd edition:

Cadet Hekate is thrilled to finally be aboard the Warlord Titan Imperius Dictatio. Commanded by a legendary Princeps and a veteran bridge-crew the Titan finds an Ork Gargant. Suddenly the Princeps dies and Hekate, a mere cadet, is in charge of Imperius Dictatio.

Titan II: Vivaporius is the second volume of the series. It was published in 2001 and is currently out of print. ISBN 1-84154-144-3

The planet Vivaporius has come under attack from an unknown alien force and three million Imperial guardsmen waiting for a Titan force to bolster their defence. Princeps Hekate and Imperius Dictatio arrive on the planet to find the Imperial forces wiped out by this alien menace.

Titan III: Cold Steel is the third volume of the series. It was published in 2003 and is currently out of print. ISBN 1-84154-242-3

When a hole is rent into the fabric of reality, Imperius Dictatio and its brother Titans must fight to rid the planet Artemis of the infernal acolytes of Chaos and warp-spawned horrors.

Titan God-Machine is the name for the omnibus edition a series of comics first published in Warhammer Monthly. All three volumes were collected and published in a new pocket-sized format in 2004.