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Tomb of the Necron (Novel)

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Tomb of the Necron
Author Cavan Scott
Publisher Black Library
Series Warhammer Adventures
Preceded by Plague of the Nurglings (Novel)
Released 2021

Tomb of the Necron is the 6th Warhammer 40,000-set story of the Warhammer Adventures series of young adult novels. It is the finale of the series.[1]


Guided by the vision of a mysterious psyker, Zelia finally finds her mother on a distant world, far from Terra. But even now, are the friends really safe while they carry the ancient relic that led to the destruction of Talen's home planet? A family is reunited, but a world will be ripped apart as the unstoppable Necrons close in on their prize. Warped Galaxies reaches its exciting conclusion as loyalties are tested, destinies are set, and the Space Marines arrive in force![1]