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Ulthanesh, also spelled as Ulthanash, is an Eldar mythological folk hero, primarily a key figure in the tale of Eldanesh. Originally a follower of the House of Eldanesh, which consisted of the first of the Eldar race, Ulthanesh aided Eldanesh in key struggles of the race's early history such as facing the armies of the Hresh-selain. Later, the two, with the help of the war god Kaela Mensha Khaine, again emerged victorious over the nightmarish hordes of the Autochtinii.[1a] Ulthanesh became the second-greatest warrior of the Eldar, surpassed only by Eldanesh.[1c]

However, Ulthanesh's relationship with Eldanesh became strained as jealously and ambition took root. In the end they came at odds, and Ulthanesh was banished into the desert where he went into a state of meditation. The war god, Kaela Mensha Khaine, sensed an opportunity for strife. Sending a scorpion made from one of his iron fingers down, Ulthanesh was stung and the scorpion's venom nearly brought him to death. However, Ulthanesh would survive, and realized it had been with no aid from Eldanesh. Seeing that he no longer needed Eldanesh's protection, he founded the House of Ulthanesh to rival the House of Eldanesh and the age of division for the Eldar began.[1b] Ulthanesh would become enraged when Khaine struck down Eldanesh, thus beginning the War in Heaven.[1d] During the war, the houses of Eldanesh and Ulthanesh would unite once more to fight the war god and would remain united until the Fall of the Eldar millennia later.[1e]

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