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Warden was a rank within the Blood Angels Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. Existing outside the command structure, the post of Warden was a rare one within the IX Legion, given to senior Veterans. In essence, they served as the watchmen of the Blood Angels, serving as mentors and guides for the younger members of the Blood Angels, but also charged with upholding the laws of the IX Legion. This definition was open to interpretation, where they could offer a Captain a piece of advice on tactical doctrine to leading a ceremony of rememberance for fallen Space Marines.[1a] Following the Council of Nikaea, the Wardens were charged with upholding the Edict of Nikaea banning Librarians.[1b]

Wardens wore all-black armour and carried the Crozius Arcanum as a weapon, indicating that they were the precursors of the Blood Angels' chaplains.[1a][2]

Known Wardens