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Discussion pages (also known as (article) "Talk" pages) are administration pages where editors can discuss improvements to articles or other Lexicanum pages. In function they are the equivalent to User talk pages, basically the main difference is that for articles these pages are called "Discussion" and for users "Talk" - many people do however still refer to them as "Article talk" and "User talk" pages respectively because the Namespace used by the MediaWiki software is indeed "Talk:..." (also see below).


The Discussion page associated with an article is named "Talk:Example", where "Example" is the name of the article. For example, the Discussion page for debating improvements to the article "Land Raider Ares" is named "Talk:Land Raider Ares".

For other Namespaces the Discussion page associated with a page is named by adding "talk" after the namespace label; for example, the talk page for "Category:Lexicanum Help" is called "Category talk:Lexicanum Help".

How to access and edit the Discussion page

When viewing an article (or any other non-talk page), a link to the corresponding Discussion page appears on the "Discussion" tab at the top of the page (see also Action Buttons. Clicking on the Discussion tab opens the article's Discussion page. If the inscription of tab is coloured red this simply means that no discussion page has yet been created - but every user can do so if necessary. Clicking on not yet existing pages automatically opens the Editor to create the Discussion page.

A not yet existing Discussion page with automatically opened Editor

If a Discussion page for this article already exists, it will open in standard read mode:

A Discussion page in read mode

To post on already existing discussion pages the Editor has to be manually opened by clicking on "edit". Clicking on the "+" symbol next to "edit" will automatically generate a new section on the Discussion page:

Automatically generate a new section on an existing Discussion page

Do note that although they look almost identical (the "Discussion edit" has the "+" symbol next to it, the "Page edit" doesn't) this "edit" is not the same as the "edit" for the article itself. This is because you have activated the Discussion tab; if you want to edit the article itself and not its Discussion page, you first have to click on the Page tab again to reactivate the article.

What a Discussion page is for

  • Suggest improvements to an article.
  • Report problems with an article.

What a Discussion page is not for

  • Chatting about things not directly related to the article. A Discussion page is not a chatroom.
  • Asking questions that are not directly related to the article. A Discussion page is not a forum.


Signing your Discussion page contributions with your Signature is compulsory.