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Search is a Special pages tool from the category Lists of pages.

The normal way of finding an article in the Lexicanum is by using the Search function (unless you navigate to an article via an internal link from another article of course). The corresponding Search box is found on the left-hand side of the screen of every page in the Lexicanum.

The Search box

While typing into the Search box a drop-down list of suggestions appears. A specific suggestion can be selected via using the mouse or the arrow keys. The same applies when using the advanced search (see further on).

Suggestions of article pages containing the term "Space" in their title

After either manually entering an article name or search term or selecting one from the suggestions you can either press "Go" (hitting the Enter key will by default also use this option) or "Search". The difference between these two options is as follows:

  • Go will directly bring you to an article with the exact title you have entered into the Search box - if such an an article exists. Sometimes this can happen via a Redirect. If no article with the exact title exists in the Lexicanum the system will return that no matching results for the query were found (see below). It will also offer you the option to create a new article with that name. In case you wish to pursue your search, please read on below the screenshot.
Example of a Go query for an article that does not exist
  • Search can be either directly used from the Search box (see above) or after failing to get a result with Go on the same page. What Search does is that it essentially searches for matches that contain the search term - in both page titles and page contents (as opposed to Go which only searches for a 100% match in page titles). So consider it as an advanced search option. You can set a number of parameters for your search here such as the type of pages to look for or the Namespace to search in (or which to exclude from your search). The search result page will then return a list of all page title matches and all page text matches.
The full Search interface
Example of an advanced search using the term "Crenax"
Search tool accessed from the Special pages tools overview
  • And finally you can also simply click here.