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Whiteout (Short Story)

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Cover art
Author Andy Clark
Publisher Black Library
Released 2015
Editions August 2015 e-short
ISBN 9781785721762

Whiteout is a short story by Andy Clark. It was published online in August 2015.

Cover Description

The orks of Waaagh! Dregsmasha have invaded the planet Atrophon, and, even reinforced by the Astra Militarum, the local defence forces are struggling. To break the stalemate, a Deathwatch team are sent in to take out the orks' leader, a wily mechanic whose insane inventions are giving the greenskins a constant advantage. But when the Space Marines' drop pod crashes off course in a blizzard, the only way they can reach their target is over a massive bridge swarming with orks...


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