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Phantine Air Corps

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The Phantine Air Corps is a particularly unusual regiment even amidst the many and varied forces that make up the Imperial Guard. With the exception of a tiny force of dedicated drop-troopers (the Phantine Skyborne), the Phantine Planetary Defence Force fields no ground troopers. Instead, the bulk of their strength is made up of aviators. This is a direct result of the peculiar topography of their homeworld: Phantine has extreme geography that forces everyone who lives there to live at very high altitude on the peaks of the mountain tops.[1]


The lack of open ground on Phantine meant that, when the time came for an Imperial Guard tithe, no ordinary regiments could be mustered. Imperial High Command made a special exception for the Phantine to be allowed to operate their own atmospheric fighter craft, despite the rule that no Imperial Guard regiment may provide its own air cover. The odd role of the Phantine means that they are not welcome among either regular Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy aviators, amongst whom they are forced to operate. However the Phantine has proven to be an extremely capable regiment and has begun to earn the grudging respect of navy fliers.[2]

The Phantine Air Corps is formed up of Wings, which contain specific squadrons, usually all of one type of aircraft. Each individual squadron is made up of 12 aircraft. Squadrons are usually broken down further, into three formations of four fighters known for fighter patrols and the same again or two units of six for bomber sorties. These formations are called Flights.[2]

Notable Regiments

Phantine Air Corps emblem.

XX Wing 'Umbra' Squadron

Absorbed whole from the Phantine PDF, Umbra Squadron switched from Lightning to Thunderbolt fighters at their mustering into the Guard. Their members wear quilted taupe flightsuits, red helmets and brown leather jackets. Their assigned model of Thunderbolt is pattern I-XXI.[Needs Citation]

Umbra Squadron fought in the liberations of Urdesh Minor and Enothis, incurring heavy casualties in the latter conflict. They also scored one of the highest squadron kill tallies in the theatre, and Umbra 8 was responsible for downing a feared enemy ace, Khrel Kas Obarkon.[2]

  • Umbra Leader - Commander Bree Jagdea
  • Umbra 2 - Executive Officer Milan Blansher: 32 Career Kills (K.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 3 - Pilot Officer Van Tull
  • Umdra 4 - Flight Lieutenant Larice Asche (Transferred out, 773.M41)
  • Umbra 5 - Pilot Officer Pers Espere: 4 Career Kills (W.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 6 - Pilot Officer Agguila Del Ruth
  • Umbra 7 - Pilot Officer Clovin (K.I.A. 773.M41)
  • Umbra 8 - Pilot Officer Vander Marquall: 5 Career Kills (K.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 9 - Pilot Officer Waldon: 7 Career Kills (K.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 10 - Pilot Officer Zemmic
  • Umbra 11 - Pilot Officer Cordiale (K.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 12 - Pilot Officer Ranfre (K.I.A., 773.M41)

Replacement pilots were added to Umbra during the Enothis campaign to make up for casualties[2]:

  • Umbra 4 - Unknown Pilot - only recorded by a serial number. Some reports claim this pilot to have been one Oskar Viltry, despite Viltry being recorded as K.I.A. one month earlier. Regardless, Umbra 4 was listed as K.I.A./M.I.A. by Commander Jagdea in her after-action report.
  • Umbra 5 - Major August Kaminsky: 73 Career Kills (K.I.A. 812.M41)
  • Umbra 7 - Major Frans Scalter (K.I.A., 773.M41)
  • Umbra 9 - Cadet Enric Darrow

XXI Wing 'Halo' Squadron

Absorbed whole from the Phantine PDF as a Marauder bomber formation, commanded by Oskar Viltry. During the battles on Enothis, a Flight from Halo Squadron destroyed a Chaos mass aircraft carrier, severely hindering the archenemy forces.

  • G for Greta - Halo Leader (Oskar Viltry - K.I.A. 773.M41)
  • Mamzel Mayhem - Halo Two (Wassimir Kyrklan)
  • Consider Yourself Dead
  • Get Them All Back
  • Hello Hellfire
  • K For Killshot
  • Miss Adventure
  • Throne of Terror
  • Widowmaker

G for Greta was reported lost in action with all hands, although there are reports that indicate Commander Viltry may have been seen in active service at least a month later. Despite this, he is officially recognised as perishing alongside the rest of the crew of the Greta.[2]

'Orbis' Squadron

Thunderbolt fighter squadron, commanded by Wilhelm Hayes (K.I.A. 773.M41). Their aircraft are painted grey, with blue trim. Fought on Enothis.[2]

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