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Abaddon Denied (Short Story)

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Abaddon Denied
Author Chris Dows
Publisher Black Library
Series The Red Path
Preceded by Will of the Blood God
Followed by Blood Vision

Cover Description

At the order of the Warmaster himself, Talomar Locq and his Hounds of Abaddon are hunting for Khârn the Betrayer. Arriving too late at the planet of Haeleon, he hopes that a seemingly derelict White Scars ship may contain the information they need to complete their hunt. Khârn seeks to understand the visions granted him by the Blood God, but what part will a showdown with the Black Legion play in his pursuit of the Red Path? Chapter Master Solucious Gaul, meanwhile, must look to his defences as his fleet attempts to safeguard a Living Saint on a vital journey through perilous space.