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Blood Vision (Short Story)

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Blood Vision
Author Chris Dows
Publisher Black Library
Series The Red Path
Preceded by Abaddon Denied
Followed by Wrath of the Emperor

Cover Description

Khârn the Betrayer intercepts an astropathic beacon so hatefully pure that it must be connected to his visions, but he struggles to see what Khorne bids him do. Perhaps he can find clarity in the fighting pits, deep in the bowels of the Skulltaker... Chapter Master Gaul of the Angels Eradicant must take decisive action as the Living Saint Lozepath openly heralds his return to the shrine world of Salandraxis – the seat of his throne. Locq of the Hounds of Abaddon faces his master Urkanthos and suffers the consequences for his failure to capture Khârn.