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"I have been on a quest for perfection since before you existed, and the quest will go on long after you expire. The only question is, will your death be another step on the road to the consummate kill?"[1a]

Anyalra is a Dark Eldar Succubus, and the foremost leader of the Wych Cult of the Withered Blade.[1a]

Alongside the ruling Kabals, Anyalra and her Cult is vital in holding power and control of Nexus of Shadows[1a] through running ample trade of beasts and slaves, as well as staging various shows and spectacles in her Cult's arena complex to sate the urges of the Nexus' denizens.[1a]

Anyalra keeps herself out of the politics of the Kabals within the Nexus, for she is not interested in them as long as none interfere in her and her Cult's affairs.[1a] Her long-term personal goal is to achieve absolute perfection in battle and return to Commorragh to test her skills against the champions of other Wych Cults.[1c]


Anyalra uses a pair of wych knives in addition to a razorflail and sharp fingernails as her weapons.[1c] She also carries several doses of Accelerai, a certain type of combat drug that enhances her performance[1b], with her.[1c] She is clad in standard wychsuit.[1c]