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Arachnos is a Rogue Doctor on Necromunda.[1]

Working out of the Six Clans "cutting room" in Dust Falls, both Proctor Clause Bauhein and Mistress of Coin Melerva pay him well for his services. Even Narco Lord Balthazar Van Zep has been known to go to him to save the life of a valued associate. A sinister figure, no one quite knows where he came from. Arachnos is usually accompanied by Craven Bonesaw, a small misshapen creature that acts as his servant. Despite his dubious origins his services are still valued, as good medical care is hard to come by on Necromunda.[1]

Arachnos also offers an array of gene-enhancements and organ grafting for a nominal fee. These include implanting a Goliath pulmonary system to allow the patient to breathe toxic air, or a set of Phyrr cat eyes so they can see in the dark. More rarely, gang leaders come looking for cosmetic enhancements like ripper jack teeth or devil claws. To get the necessary parts for the operation, he regularly signs on with gangs going down into the depths of the Underhive.[1]