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Jehnnus Ardias

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Captain Ardias as seen in Fire Warrior

Captain Jehnnus Ardias of the Ultramarines Third Company, led the Third Company against the Tau but later negotiated a ceasefire with them when Governor Severus aligned himself with the daemon Tarkh'ax and the Word Bearers.[1]

Ardias forced an override in the communications of a Tau Fire Warrior named La'Kais and guided him against the Word Bearers and subsequently helped Kais by holding of Tarkh'ax until Kais destroyed the daemon.[1]

To honour a battle honour won by his company in the First Tyrannic War, fighting hive fleet Behemoth, Captain Ardias worked his company colours into his personal heraldry.[2]

He also commanded Strike Force Ardias in Joran VI Retaliation Force[3] where Ultramarines fought with the Traitor Marines.[4a] His army was deployed on the Strike Cruiser Fist of Ultramar[4b]

Sadly and ironically, Captain Ardias was later seriously injured battling the Tau in the Jorun Retaliation during the Damocles Crusade in 745.M41.[Needs Citation]

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