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Augur of Despair (Audio Drama)

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Augur of Despair
Cover art
Author Chris Dows
Publisher Black Library
Series Blackstone Fortress (Series)
Released December 2019
Collected in Servants of the Inquisition

Augur of Despair is an audio drama by Chris Dows.[1]


The Arch-Militant Neyam Shai Murad and the noble crusader Gotfret de Montbard have retrieved a great prize from the Blackstone Fortress – a cube they found with the help of an unscrupulous data-trader. This mysterious artefact may answer all their questions about the alien labyrinth...if they can return it to Precipice. Many dangers stand in their way, including a rampaging ambull, Negavolt cultists and the ever-shifting maze of the fortress itself. And even if they do return, they shall need aid to decipher the device, from a most untrustworthy ally...[2]

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