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Servants of the Inquisition (Audio Anthology)

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Servants of the Inquisition
Author John French, Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, Gav Thorpe, Joe Parrino, Ben Counter, James Swallow, Darius Hinks, Chris Dows
Publisher Black Library
Length Approx 11 hours 55 mins[1]

Servants of the Inquisition is an audio drama anthology that collects thirteen stories about the Inquisition.

Cover Description[1]

The sinister and aloof Inquisitors and their servants exercise nearly limitless power – it’s essential to root out the many and varied enemies who would bring ruin to mankind. Other powerful agents, like the independent privateer Rogue Traders, are given free reign to treat on behalf of mankind’s interests. These stories explore both organisations, and their agents, with full-cast audio dramas.


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