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Battle of Hell's Hollow

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The Battle of Hell's Hollow took place in 266.M37.[1]


A combined force of Blood Angels, Angels Encarmine, and Blood Drinkers engages with traitor forces on the archeotech world of Hell’s Hollow. Though the cultist hosts are swiftly put to death, the attack comes too late to prevent their completion of a heretical ritual. The veil is pierced, and a tide of Daemons spills through into the macrocities of Hell’s Hollow. The Blood Angels and their brethren react to this new development with typical courage and resolve. The main strength of the strikeforce is deployed in a series of holding actions, stemming the daemonic tide long enough for the Death Company to be hurled against the ritual site itself. Amid an orgy of violence, the black armoured battle-brothers slaughter everything in their path, closing the rift at the price of their own lives.[1]