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Brayden was the Company Champion of the Invaders' First Company, when the entire Chapter attacked the Eldar Craftworld Idharae.[1]

Under the command of Captain Ravinger, the First Company teleported into the centre of the Craftworld and laid waste to all around them. Soon the Eldar of Idharae sent more of their forces to deal with them and the First Company found itself outnumbered and surrounded. During the ensuing battle, Captain Ravinger was killed and, with victory in the balance, Brayden rallied the Company around the ancient and proud banner of the First and stood over the body of his lord, killing any Eldar who came near. After the battle was over and the Craftworld lay in ruin, the Masters of the Chapter nominated Brayden to succeed the late Ravinger as Captain of the First. Though honoured, Bradyden humbly declined, declaring he was a warrior and a servant, not a leader. He instead nominated a Sergeant of the First Company to take command, content to remain the First's Champion.[1]