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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Idharae
Meaning: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Main Colours: Unknown
Favoured Unit: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown

Idharae is an Eldar Craftworld that was assaulted in 852.M41 by the Invaders Space Marine Chapter and was reduced to a ruined hulk.[1]


Idharae, alongside Malan'tai, formed a triple alliance with Iyanden to combat the spreading forces of Chaos.[3].

Idharae played a pivotal part in stopping Hive Fleet Naga's assault on the Galaxy in 812.M41. After an Idharae fleet along with a Malan'tai fleet splintered the Tyranid Hive Fleet into two tendrils, the Idharae fleet chased the second tendril to the outer edges of the Eth-aelas Maiden World system and destroyed it, but not before several thousand Mycetic Spores hit the surface of Eth-aelas. Idharae troops, later joined by Iyanden forces commanded by Prince Yriel, landed on the planet and set about arduously cleansing it. The first tendril was stopped earlier, after the Eldar took great loses, by the Malan'tai and Iyanden fleets.[2] However, Idharae's chief Farseer, Taolis Eversong, warned his Iyanden allies that Naga was just a harbinger of a far greater Tyranid swarm. In their arrogance, Iyanden refused to heed Eversong's warning, causing Idharae to break its alliance with Iyanden.[3]

Forty years later, the Invaders and Legion of the Damned[4] Space Marine Chapters attacked the Craftworld, reducing it to a ruin. In retaliation, Craftworld Alaitoc attacked the Invaders' homeworld and utterly destroyed it, turning the Space Marines into a Spaceborne Chapter.[1]