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Charnel Daemon

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The Charnel Daemon is a powerful and singularly murderous Khorne Warp Entity whose appearances in Real Space are noted as being some of the most horrific accounted for in the records held by the Ordos Calixis. In order for it to be summoned, a powerful Cult Magus must conduct extraordinarily bloody rituals that will cause it to emerge from the Warp, as an uncontrollable berserker; that will seek slaughter without end and work to remake the world in an image more pleasing to the Blood God. Those who have encountered the Charnel Daemon, claim that it gives off an aura that drains the will power of those near it and radiates with the power of the Warp. It also manifests a pervasive smell of blood, rippling nausea, and the shrill of a continuous agonized scream on the edge of mortal hearing. Worse still, any living creature killed by the Charnel Daemon, fuels its ability to heal from any wounds it has suffered.[1]

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