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Corruptis is a powerful Daemon Prince who, due to destroying any mention of his name in the Imperium's records, the Ordo Malleus knows little about. What is known, however, is that Corruptis was once a Chaos Space Marine whose devotion to the Chaos Gods, along with the numerous vile deeds he committed against the Imperium in their name, earned him his ascension into Daemonhood. As a Daemon Prince he continues to strike out against the Imperium and in late M41 he added yet another atrocity to his name, when he opened up a Warp Rift in the center of the Antian Sector.[1a] This signaled the beginning of widespread terror and bloodshed, as not only did the forces of Chaos fall upon the Imperium's worlds in the Sector, but the Eldar, Orks and even the Tyranids have attacked Antian as well. Now, from within his citadel inside of the Warp Rift, Corruptis watches as the forces of the Imperium struggle to fight through the numerous enemies of Mankind that have invaded the Antian Sector[1b], all the while knowing that the only way for them to save the Sector is to venture into the Warp rift and defeat him. This does not worry him though, as Corruptis knows from experience that even the purest of the Imperium's servants have hidden malignancies within their souls that he can use against them.[1a]

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