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Antian Sector

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The Antian Sector is a sector of the Galaxy.


The Antian Sector was once held by Xenos empires and fallen Human domains, until it was conquered by the Imperium's fleets, which were led by the Imperial Navy Admiral Pator Antias. Disaster struck, though, when after his latest victory in the Sector, Antias' flagship, the Battleship Majestic Light, was struck by a Warp Storm and was lost to to the Imperium. Afterwards, the Admiral was declared an Imperial Saint and became the patron Saint of the Antian Sector, which was named in his honour[1a]. Millennia later, the Sector has known its fare share of horrors and strife, but nothing could prepare the Imperium's worlds there when a catastrophic disaster struck in late M41. Suddenly, without warning, the Daemon Prince Corruptis opened a giant Warp Rift in the center of the Antian Sector, which signaled the beginning of widespread terror and bloodshed. Now, not only have the forces of Chaos fallen upon the Imperium's worlds in the Sector, but the Eldar, Orks and even the Tyranids have attacked Antian as well[1b]. As the Imperium's forces struggled to beat back their numerous foes, they were dealt a harsher blow when the Despoiler himself appeared out of the Warp Rift, at the head of a massive Chaos force. Abaddon had begun planning the start of his Thirteenth Black Crusade and the fall of the Antian Sector will be his first step towards it making it a reality[2]. As the Antian Sector now faces its darkest hour, the Imperium forces fighting there know the only way to save the Sector is to venture into the Warp Rift and defeat the one responsible for its creation: the Daemon Prince Corruptis.[1b]

Known Worlds

Known locations within the Warp Rift

Known forces involved in the Antian Sector conflict