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Corteswain was an Abbot of the Adeptus Mechanicus who was later condemned for heresy.


Engaged on the Mechanicus's never-ending quest to locate new Standard Template Construct systems, Corteswain travelled the galaxy, examining archaeological sites. One of these expeditions took Corteswain to an unnamed Dead World, where his expedition was attacked, and only he survived.[1a]

When he returned to the Imperium, Corteswain claimed to have been abducted and carried to a far-off planet by a being he described as a god. In fact, he claimed to have seen the face of the Omnissiah itself. He was condemned as a heretic by rival members of the Mechanicus, and expelled from the omniastery on Selethoth where he had been preaching. He later disappeared and his fate is uncertain, though it is likely that his rivals had him abducted and killed in secret.[1a]

A portion of Corteswain's writings survived, describing the "god" he had seen and its wondrous space vessel.[1a] These writings eventually came into the possession of the psychopathic industrialist Kasimir de Valtos, who discovered the tomb of Corteswain's "god" on Pavonis: the Nightbringer and its space vessel, the Bringer of Darkness.[1a][1b]