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Ultramarines (Novel Series)

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The Ultramarines series by Graham McNeill follows the actions of Ultramarine Captain Uriel Ventris. The first three novels are collected in "The Ultramarines Omnibus", along with the short story "Chains of Command."

The fourth, fifth, and sixth novels, along with the short story Eye of Vengeance and the graphic short Black Bone Road are collected in a second omnibus titled "Ultramarines: The Second Omnibus", released on May 22, 2012.

In addition to the novels, short stories featuring the same characters and events are featured in several anthologies. An original audio drama, Eye of Vengeance (Audio Book), was released in April 2012.

Novels in the series

Novel summaries


Main article: Nightbringer (Novel)

After replacing his former Captain and mentor, Idaeus, Captain Uriel Ventris embarks on his first mission, to the planet Pavonis with the 4th Company of the Ultramarines. Beset by doubt in his abilities, alien foes and traitorous opportunists, Ventris must battle against them all if he is to defeat an ancient horror soon to be awakened.

Warriors of Ultramar

A Tyranid splinter fleet is heading towards the planet Tarsis Ultra, consuming everything in its path. Captain Uriel Ventris and the Fourth Company of the Ultramarines, called to honour an ancient debt, along with brother Space Marines of the Mortifactors Chapter and the Imperial Guard units are the only ones standing in their way. Uriel must decide whether to act by the code set down by the Codex Astartes or against it, if he is to succeed against the alien threat.

Dead Sky, Black Sun

Captain Uriel Ventris and Sergeant Pasanius Lysane have been exiled from the Ultramarines Chapter for breaching the Codex Astartes during the events on Tarsis Ultra; Sent on a Death Oath by Marneus Calgar to atone for their transgression, they are taken captive by a Daemon known only as the Omphalos Daemonium, and transported to the Iron Warriors' Homeworld of Medrengard. Trapped within the Eye of Terror, Ventris and Pasanius must garner all of their courage and strength if they are to regain their honour and survive against the forces of Chaos.

The Killing Ground

Ventris, Pasanius and the Unfleshed find themselves apparently stranded on the world of Salinas; their presence seemingly fanning the flames of a local rebellion into a heretical fire that threatens to consume everything and everyone. The warrior brothers must fight one more time before being able to return to Macragge, but this is a conflict where sympathies are divided and it isn't quite so easy to see who stands among the righteous.

Courage and Honour

Newly returned from the Eye of Terror, Captain Uriel Ventris must redeem himself in the eyes of his battle-brothers, who fear he may have been tainted by Chaos. When the planet Pavonis is invaded by the Tau Empire, what better opportunity could Uriel have to join his Chapter in combat and prove that his honour is beyond reproach?

The Chapter's Due

Seeking revenge against Uriel Ventris, Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou assembles an enormous warband and invades the region of Ultramar, in league with the Daemon Prince M'kar. The entire Chapter must mobilize for war, to prevent Ultramar from being laid to waste, and Chief Librarian Tigurius predicts that Uriel will play a crucial part in the battle's outcome, for good or ill.

The Swords of Calth

Uriel Ventris is elevated to a Primaris Space Marines and battles the Necrons on Sycorax.[1]

Short stories

Chains of Command

Set before the events of Nightbringer, in 999.M41, the Ultramarines 4th Company assault Bridge Two-Four on the planet of Thracia under Captain Idaeus. They seek to close up the flank of the main advance on a rebel held city, by destroying a series of bridges crossing a canyon. However they are attacked by the Night Lords Legion, losing their Techmarine in the process and the ability to trigger the explosives placed on the bridge. Captain Idaeus is fatally injured and concocts a non-Codex pattern plan where he triggers the explosives with a krak grenade, destroying the bridge and himself. Before doing so, Idaeus passes his Captaincy and power sword to Uriel Ventris, his Veteran Sergeant and second-in-command.


After the Pavonis campaign (in Nightbringer), Uriel and Pasanius have their first taste of action when boarding an Ork-infested space hulk.


Set between the events of Warriors of Ultramar and Dead Sky, Black Sun. After his controversial actions defending Tarsis Ultra, Uriel is brought to account before the Chapter hierarchy.

Eye of Vengeance

Set during the events of The Chapter's Due, Torias Telion leads a Scout Squad on a dangerous mission to sabotage the Dark Mechanicus forges powering the Bloodborn's war effort on Quintarn.


Main article: Codex (Short Story)

After his reinstatement to the chapter, Uriel Ventris leads the Fourth Company of the Ultramarines in a dangerous mission to rescue noble hostages from the clutches of the orks. Others warn Ventris about the risks, but the Captain is confident that adherence to the Codex Astartes will win the day.

Torias Telion: The Eye of Vengeance

In the aftermath of The Chapter's Due, Sgt. Telion must track down an elusive threat on Macragge, left behind by the Bloodborn army.

Marneus Calgar: Lord of Ultramar

In the aftermath of The Chapter's Due, Lord Calgar and Varro Tigurius reflect on past mistakes and face hard choices about the future of the Ultramarines.

Two Kinds of Fool

Captains Agemman and Sicarius clash over the cleansing of the space hulk Final Absolution.

Do Eagles Still Circle the Mountain?

In the aftermath of Codex, Captain Uriel Ventris of the Ultramarines returns to action against teh vicious greenskins.

Graphic Novels

Omnibus collections

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