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Deathwatch: One Bullet (Short Story)

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Deathwatch: One Bullet
Cover art
Author Ben Counter
Publisher Black Library
Followed by Deathwatch: Bad Blood
Released August 2015
Collected in Deathwatch: Ignition
Editions 2015 ebook
ISBN 9781785720949

Deathwatch: One Bullet is a short story by Ben Counter, published online in August 2015.

Cover Description

Engaged in a campaign against the hated greenskins, the Ultramarines bring their righteous fury to the manufactorum city of Skemarchus. Veteran warrior Vael Donatus is hailed as a hero by the young firebrand Chaplain Cassius for employing the expertise of his brethren only recently returned from the hallowed ranks of the Deathwatch. But as the final assault draws near, the judicious and practical methods of the Sternguard seem incompatible with Cassius' own - can the fate of a world really be decided by just one bullet?

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