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Drecarth, also known as Drecarth the Sightless, was a Captain of the Sons of Horus. Falling to Heresy with the rest of his legion, he left Maeleum during the Eye of Terror Slave Wars and eventually broke off from the Sons of Horus and formed his own warband, the Sons of the Eye.[1a] He then led his Sons against a World Eaters warband under Voslok,[1b] defeating them in the Battle of the Keening Deep[2] claiming their fortress after personally slaying the Khornate warlord[1b] when Drecarth wrests the Voslok's daemonic axe from his grip turning the evil weapon against its former master.[2]

During the Sixth Black Crusade, Drecarth agreed to an alliance with Abaddon the Despoiler and his Black Legion. During the siege of the Forge World of Arkreath, the two forces fought side by side but after the battle was won Abaddon impaled Drecarth on his Power Claw, assimilating the Sons of the Eye into his own forces.[1a]